Bezeq International

Submarine Cable

Bezeq International's high-speed Submarine Cable System is expanding our physical network right into the heart of Europe, providing high-speed broadband, diversity, and low latency.


Wholly Owned

and operated by Bezeq International


2,300 KM

Linking Tel Aviv, Israel and Italy


Over 25 Tbit




Spanning 2,300 km, JONAH Submarine Cable System is able to support 25 Terabits per second (Tbps) of data capacity connecting Tel Aviv, Israel to Bari, Italy and addressing the growing demands of the highly dynamic Israeli telecom market, which has one of the highest household broadband and mobile penetration rates in the world.

JONAH currently operates at 100G channels and supports multi-terabit capacity using 400G channels of transmission.

JONAH has tripled the international bandwidth outgoing from Israel, while significantly reducing the round trip delay (RTD) between Israel and Western Europe to less than 60 ms, offering high bandwidth connectivity at all capacity rates.

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Flexible and Seamless

The planning and implementation of JONAH Submarine Cable System were carried out by Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks.

The system integrates Alcatel-Lucent OALC-5 cable, optimized with coherent fiber (CF), repeaters and the 1620 Light Manager (LM) submarine line terminal which is designed to accommodate 10G/40G/100G/400G wavelengths in the same platform, enabling seamless capacity upgrade on flexible grid for channel spacing without traffic interruption.

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Bezeq International is operating additional bandwidth over our three (3) diverse submarine routes to accommodate growing demand in both the private and business sector.

Serving regional ISPs, Israel's outgoing capacity reaches multiple Terabits.

Our unique offering connects South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East via our diverse terrestrial network connected to various operators in the surrounding countries, combined with our Subsea Cable, ensuring resilience and route diversity in the region, as well as low latency, which is now more critical than ever before.

JONAH Submarine Cable System is protected in-system, using two (2) equipped fibre pairs connected to two different SLTE's in each landing station.

The system is externally backed up end-to-end by physically diverse submarine routes, with no single point of failure.

The terrestrial backhaul extensions in Israel and Europe are backed-up based on local domestic DWDM ring-based networks.

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