Bezeq International


Bezeq International, Israel's leading internet and international telecommunications provider, was founded in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq the Israeli

Telecommunications Corp. Ltd, Israel's largest telecom group. 

Today, Bezeq International is considered a market-leader in all of its core fields
of expertise, providing comprehensive communications solutions in Internet, Telephony (International, Domestic and Intra-Organizational), IT and Cloud Computing Services, Hosting, Data Communications and Information Security Solutions.



Leading Broadband Internet in Israel
Bezeq International began offering internet services in 1999. Today, with a market share of 38%, Bezeq International is Israel's leading internet service provider, enjoying a high and remarkable growth rate. Bezeq International's outstanding efficiency and performance stem from its highly skilled personnel, high-speed infrastructure and advanced technologies.   

Excellence in Customer Service
Bezeq International was the first telecom company in Israel to revolutionize its way of thinking and switch from a product-based approach to a customer-based service. Our individual, tailor-made solutions and support are the cornerstones of our identity, and have proved themselves once again in 2012, when Bezeq International was chosen by the Israel Management Center (IMC) as a leader in customer service experience provided to customers.


Highest Revenue and Profit within its Field
Bezeq International's preparedness for the changing trends in the Israeli communications market, as well as its investment in the internet field and development of additional growth engines, have assisted in maintaining a competitive lead in both profit and revenue. Recently, Bezeq International expanded its cutting-edge IP-based activities, as well as its IT-based business solutions. The results soon followed, as Bezeq International ended 2011 with a record turnover of 1.4 billion NIS, reinforcing its No. 1 market position.


Top-Tier International Agreements
Bezeq International has established strategic alliances with the largest and leading telecommunications, data, computer and internet vendors in the world, with the goal of providing the highest available standards of service and reliability. These collaborations allow Bezeq International to remain at the forefront of technology and participate in the global village revolution. Our leading alliances include BT, one of the world's largest communications companies, as well as a long line of software and hardware manufacturers, including Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Fortinet, Aladdin, EMC Microsoft, Avaya, Check Point and LG.  


At the Forefront of Technology
In December 2011, Bezeq International launched its independent communications infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea linking Israel and Europe. This submarine optic cable uses the most advanced and innovative technology in the world for data transmission and evolves Bezeq International into the first Israeli telecom company that wholly owns an advanced international network, enabling customers to enjoy the largest bandwidth and highest quality performance. Based on the submarine cable system's technological capabilities, Bezeq International launched its Power NGN Internet network, which allows high-speed internet users to enjoy the best performances. Bezeq International's advanced submarine cable system and its sophisticated internet network have revolutionized Israel's internet market and set new standards for the benefit of customers in Israel.  
Bezeq International offers its customers a wide range of telecom services, including VPRN and MPLS, as well as high-speed, always-on internet services through a variety of broadband technologies, such as ATM, Private leased circuits, Metro, Wi-Fi, DSL and cables. Bezeq International's customers also benefit from the company's world-class, green technology-based Data Centers, which supply services for hosting and storing servers and websites, as well as a wide portfolio of designated services. Operating Israel's largest Internet Data Centers, Bezeq International also offers worldwide hosting and co-location services utilizing its international PoPs and global data network.  
Additional services include Voice over IP, global LAN-to-LAN connections and continuous backup monitoring and reporting services. Bezeq International also specializes in the installation, maintenance and support of call centers and intra-organizational telephone systems.
The company also provides data communications and information security solutions for businesses of all sizes, routers and other telecom equipment. Bezeq International provides and supports wireless network services, as well as the latest equipment for summoning colleagues worldwide for via video/audio conferencing. When it comes to traditional telephony, Bezeq International allows its customers to enjoy the latest technology, utilizing a switching system (Soft Switch) that provides Intelligent Network (IN) services for international calls using the smartest, most cost-effective method.


A Leader in Cloud Computing and IT Solutions
Bezeq International's accumulated experience as an international telecom company and leading internet provider, has allowed it to enhance its skills and expertise, while planning, establishing and managing complex, integrated computer and communications networks. Bezeq International specializes in advanced IT services and solutions, viewing itself as a key accelerator in the cloud computing revolution in Israel. Bezeq International's cloud computing activities have made a substantial effect on all company aspects, from infrastructure to the conversion of all traditional IT models to an "IT As a Service" model. As a result, Bezeq International has won dozens of large-scale tenders and is currently serving some of the leading companies in the Israeli market. 


Facing the Future
It is without a doubt that Bezeq International's impressive growth and market leadership is expected to continue in the years to come. This leadership is founded upon quality service, technological excellence and clear business vision – all the attributes Bezeq International is made of.