• IFN
    Bezeq International is the leading provider of IFN, with access numbers from over
    60 destinations, as well as termination flexibility which supports various features
    to match our customers' demands. Bezeq International is a member of the International
    Inbound Services Forum of carriers, which consists of telecom carriers and other IFN and
    VAS providers.


  • UIFN
    Bezeq International supports the Universal International Free Phone Number and provides full coverage of the country using its 014 IAC.

Outgoing Free Phone Number

  • Our 18094XXXXX range of International Free Phone Numbers is an easy and handy solution for customers who wish to save on their employees' international calls when in Israel. Our services include excellent conferencing applications access, while also offering stable and reliable connections to the leading international carriers and conferencing facilities.
  • Local Access Number (DID) – using our own 076-5XXXXXX range (UNDER REGULATORY RESTRICTIONS – offered only to private customers) and other geographical area codes upon demand.

Temporary Telephone Lines

Bezeq International is the sole provider of temporary services for the media sector in various locations throughout Israel, providing our customers with full equipment and fault handling. 

Our Network Map