In today's world, businesses rely more and more on disaster recovery and business continuity plans to protect them from unforeseen occurrences. Realizing the importance of business data and continuity, Bezeq International introduces its customers to a cutting-edge Data Center, which enables them to benefit from unique Disaster Recovery services.

Bezeq International's Jaffa Data Center supplies customers with external business data
backup & replication, protecting them from serious technical malfunctions and disasters. Our services provide businesses of all sizes with business continuity, while decreasing and preventing damages caused by critical data loss.  

Our Data Center located in the Landing Station of Bezeq International's optical submarine cable system is a secure underground facility, complete with high-standard monitoring, cooling, fire suppression, electricity and security systems. Monitored and occupied 24*7 by a professional service and support team, our Data Center allows our customers to save on server storage space, as well as greatly reduce computing storage and maintenance costs. 
  • Service Technology
    Our Jaffa Data Center was designed as the most advanced computing equipment storage facility of its kind,
    adhering to the strictest of standards and including all of the required infrastructure components. 
  • Features
    - Underground facility.
    - Complete fire-resistance.
    - Fire detection and suppression systems.
    - Comfortable, fully-accessorized customer meeting rooms.
    - Designated offices for customer IT personnel.
    - A "mirror" website for customers.
    - Advanced SLA to ensure maximum availability.
    - TIER 3+ facility with IQ, NET, ISO compliance.
    - Global Network redundant.
  • Communication
    - Connections to Bezeq International's variety of communication infrastructures.
    - Simple and flexible bandwidth modification, in accordance with customer requirements.
    - Built-in communication infrastructure backup.
  • Electric and Cooling
    - Electricity network backup via a generator-backed power supply system.
    - Power and cooling systems with N+1 and N+2 level redundancies.
    - Double feeding on all distribution boards.
    - Static electricity protection, including raised floors, anti-static floors and ground line network server connections.
    - Unique floor cooling system.
  • Security and Monitoring
    - Around-the-clock professional security team on premises.
    - CCTV monitoring and peripheral security cameras throughout the entire facility.
    - Pre-coordinated, escorted customer admittance only.
    - Full-facility monitoring and immediate malfunction alert via advanced and durable monitoring systems.
    - Continuous leak detection in computing room areas.
  • Services
    - Server hosting and storage.
    - Disaster recovery.
    - Information security.
    - Data backup & replication.
    - IT and operating system management and maintenance.
    - Business continuity private working space with direct connectivity to the racks.
    - A wide variety of added value services.
  • Contact Us
    Our Jaffa Data Center – providing data backup, so that you can continue doing what you do best. For an attractive price offer, dial 1700-555-222 today! 

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