Bezeq International welcomes you to the largest and most advanced Data Centers

Network in Israel!



Bezeq International, Israel's largest Internet service provider, has established the most advanced data centers in Israel, spreading over 4,500 squared meters and diversely connected to Bezeq International core sites with multiple 10Gbps connections to local and international internet networks. Bezeq International's Data Center network provides businesses with full and comprehensive computing service packages, complete with managed and integration services as well as the best solutions that meet the growing need for outsourced IT.

  Businesses joining our Data Centers enjoy maximum bandwidth flexibility management as well as advanced managed services and server hosting solutions, based on innovative technologies and unparalleled customer service.  
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Our Data Centers

Conveniently located in Petach Tikva and Tel Aviv, within Israel’s urban and industrial center, Bezeq International's Data Centers include the following physical conditions and equipment housing standards:

  • Racks Size 42U 19’’ and 48U 19’’
    Full/Half/Third Racks available as well as single Rack Units.
  • Guaranteed Power
    All racks are dually fed with two sources of AC power 230 Volt, with 32Amp or 16 Amp outlets. Optional 4KW/8KW/16KW per rack.
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure
    Bezeq International operates three Data Centers in Israel – two in Petach Tikva and an innovative, advanced site specializing in disaster recovery solutions that is located in the Landing Station of JONAH - Bezeq International's optical submarine cable system in Jaffa . Bezeq International's Data Centers are connected to six global points of presence in Cyprus, Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the United States. Our Data Centers are carrier neutral facilities with central Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR). Each facility has multiple and diverse physical cable entrances and access to all local network providers, local ISPs and the Israeli internet exchange (IIX). Our Data Centers provide cross-connecting remote hands services available on-site, as well as free wireless connectivity for our customers.
  • Advanced Site Security
    On-site & around-the-clock security team, building management systems and CCTV monitoring 24/7/365, An on-site, fully equipped security team and 24/7/365 access availability
  • Advanced infrastructure and monitoring systems for enhanced system survivability, including:
    - Fire detection and suppression systems
    - Leak detectors continuously monitor the computing room areas
    - Temperature/humidity indicators
    - Electric boards thresholds
    - Generators status
    - Fuel tanks current capacity
    - Air condition status – chillers, CRAC’s and in-rows
    - UPS operation
  • 24/7 and Pre-Scheduled Support and Maintenance Services
  • Adhering to the strictest of standards
    Our Data Centers have been built in adherence with the strictest TELECO and Tier3+ standards. All Data Center equipment is in accordance with the Standards Institution of Israel – IQ, NET, ISO.
For the very best for you and your server, let Bezeq International's Data Centers do the hosting: 
  • A wide variety of hosting services
    Bezeq International's Data Center network offers the full hosting package: server purchasing and hosting, website hosting, full server maintenance, disaster recovery services and managed communication services. 
  • Personalized services based on individual business needs
    Experiencing a change in business activity? Together, we will recognize and implement the solutions that best fit your business, while taking future needs into consideration and keeping things flexible. 
  • The service behind the server
    We believe that quality service is an integral part of any solution. Our servers are managed and maintained by a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts, who customize the best and fastest solutions for businesses with unique, constantly-changing needs. In addition, Bezeq International's designated Data Center customer service is on call 24/7, providing fast, efficient and high-quality service to our Data Center customers at all times.
  • Reliable backup systems
    We offer a wide variety of backup and replication services, efficiently replacing the need to purchase and upgrade backup systems as well as rent space for backup equipment.
  • Server protection and information security
    Our Data Center customers benefit from a secure link to all major internet suppliers and can choose from a variety of managed network security services. We also offer information security packages that include Anti Virus, Anti Spam, DDOS attack protection, FW and more.
  • Value added services
    In addition to our basic Data Center services, we offer value added services that include monitoring and statistics, internet connectivity, remote access and control, connections to payment servers and invoices. 
We invite you to become a part of our advanced-technology Data Centers and benefit from the ideal solutions for your business needs.

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