Communication Systems and Front Desk Call Centers



In today's competitive world, effective communication with clients, suppliers and employees

is an absolute must for business success. 

Communication systems and call centers are the very foundation of business success.
Bezeq International has been leading the business communication market in Israel for
the past 15 years, and its activities include marketing and maintaining call centers,
telephone networks and IP communication designed by the world's leading manufacturers.

Join us and benefit from the following business advantages:
  • A wide variety of communication systems and call centers designed by the world's leading manufacturers including LG, Cisco and Avaya.
  • The best communication systems, fully adapted to individual organizational and business needs – from small businesses to large scale corporations.
  • Additional communication systems that provide businesses with detailed and comprehensive solutions.
  • The inclusion of mobile phones into the organization's internal communication system.
  • Hosting services that include server assembly and storage within Bezeq International's advanced Data Center, thus reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • Smart communication system management, via easy-to-use computer software.
  • Information technology services
  • A choice between equipment purchase or multi-year rentals. 
  • 24/7 customer service and support, as well as on-hand account managers and technicians, when necessary.


Own a large, medium or small-sized business? 
At Bezeq International, we guarantee to customize our solutions to fit your business needs, so that you can benefit from the most advanced, simple and effective business communication available.

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