In today's competitive global market, businesses of all sizes require flexible, added value and cost-efficient technology. Cloud computing services benefit users in many ways, relieving the burden that comes with managing and maintaining business IT and allowing IT departments to focus on their organization's core business requirements.

What exactly is cloud computing?

The concept of cloud computing has revolutionized business IT. With cloud computing, there is no need for server racks, hardware purchase and maintenance, software installations, cooling, electricity and fire suppression systems, infrastructure and in-house IT experts. 
In a nutshell, cloud computing allows your organization to depend on external, rather than in-house, computing services. Cloud computing allows users to connect to the service they need, anywhere and anytime, for as long as they want, using internet connectivity or private network. Cloud computing's managed service model renders resources directed towards IT purchasing and management obsolete. Furthermore, the cloud's orchestration technology allow organizations to control and regulate computing resources in times of both pressure and serenity, thus saving countless equipment and maintenance costs, while allowing for maximum flexibility and quick and effective decision making.   

Why Choose Bezeq International?

Bezeq International offers your business the most advanced cloud computing services in Israel. 

  • Our Data Center
    Our cloud infrastructure is located within a cutting-edge Data Center. Adhering to the strictest of standards, our computing cloud was established on central infrastructure that includes servers, storage, Firewall security, network components, backup, load balancing, monitoring and more. Our Data Center is manned around the clock and maintained by a team of experts that is always on-call for customer service. We do everything to ensure the availability of your computing resources, under the highest SLA standards 
  • Our Internet Network
    Cloud computing is mainly internet based technology. Choosing Bezeq International allows you to benefit from our high-performance Power Business network, which is based on our optical submarine cable system, while maximizing your network resource utilization and exposing you to a variety of advanced computing and communication solutions. We are the only service provider that is connected to two separated global optical submarine cables system (Med Nautilus & Jonah) to ensure redundancy and high availability for our users.
  • Technology
    Bezeq International's high-quality cloud computing infrastructure is based on the premium storage and virtualization technologies manufactured by leading companies such as Cisco, Vmware, EMC, Checkpoint, F5, BMC Microsoft and more, allowing you to benefit from business continuity, heightened performance, maximum redundant and the ability to add or remove virtual resources as needed.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    Bezeq International's cloud computing services guarantee maximum flexibility through immediate compatibility with your user requirements, while committing to high-level service and cost reduction.
  • Our security
    Bezeq International's cloud computing is backed with high security levels. All information is secured on our Data Center network. We use both physical guards and surveillance cameras and logical security systems – firewalls, IPS, AS & AV, DDOS etc, to ensure data protection and security. 
  • Added Value Services
    Purchasing Bezeq International's cloud computing services introduces you to additional information security, network, monitoring and management solutions from the world's leading manufacturers, including  Check Point, Juniper, BMC, Microsoft and more.
  • Our Team
    Bezeq International's team of experts is at your service. Adapted to working within fast-changing business environments and experienced in all aspects of cloud computing, network, hardware, software and information security, our team's ultimate goal is to pair your business with the most appropriate solutions.
  • Our Support Center
    Bezeq International's technical support center is available 24X7, committed to the highest possible levels of service based on your current and future needs.  


Bezeq International's cloud computing services. It's not just another technology – it's the smartest way to manage business IT! 

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