Acceptable Use Policy in Internet Access Services

The following are obligations to be undertaken by users of Bezeq International Ltd.’s (“BI”) Internet environment services (“User” and “BI Services”, respectively), as well as a non-exhaustive list of BI’s rights in the event of breach of any of these obligations. BI reserves the right to add or amend any of the obligations specified herein, at any time, in its sole discretion, as much as such additions or amendments will be required for the purposes of protecting BI clients and other users of the Internet, and as shall be required in order to increase trust in the safety of Internet usage.
For the removal of doubt it is hereby clarified that any use of BI Services, which would appear to be made out of a User’s account, shall be considered as use made by the User, and the User shall be responsible for such use, and any implications therefrom. BI recommends that Users make every necessary provisions in order to prevent unauthorized use of their BI accounts, including safeguarding the Internet means of access provided to them, periodically changing the access password, preventing physical access to their computer and using software and hardware products preventing unauthorized access to the User’s computer and/or unauthorized use of the User’s account.
The User undertakes not to use BI Services for performing acts which are prevented under the laws of the State of Israel, and declares that he will use BI Services in accordance with the provisions of every law, the acceptable use policy recognized in the Internet (AUP), subject to the provisions of BI’s Internet Services Agreement (“the Agreement”), and subject to operation instructions and guidelines to be issued, from time to time, by BI, Internet services providers and Internet information providers. Without derogating from the above, the User shall refrain from using BI Services in the performance of any of the following:

1. Unlawfully or without authorization hack, attempt to hack or making any other action whose purpose is hacking, into a computer, including scan and/or locate weaknesses in computer systems and networks.

2. Unlawfully or without authorization use or monitor information and/or information traffic in computer systems and/or networks.

3. Obstruct or interfere with other computers, including prevention of provisions of services to Users, computers or other networks; including the conveyance of large amounts of traffic (of any and all kinds) which results in creation of unreasonable overload on other Users or networks (DDOS – Distributed Denial Of Service).

4. Bugging, listening in, sniffing or monitoring in any other way, inter-computer communication, against the provisions of the Secret Monitoring Act, 1979.

5. Organize or participate in forbidden games, lotteries and gambling, against the provisions of Chapter 8, Mark 12, of the Penal Code, 1977.

6. Transfer of computer viruses and/or any other software which may damage other computers.

7. Publish and present obscenity, against the provisions of Section 214 of the Penal Code, 1977.

8. Deliver and/or distribute derogating notices, notices which violate the right to privacy, containing obscenities or unlawful information.

9. Transmit (by e-mail, posting or otherwise) any material that threatens or encourages bodily harm or destruction of property.

10. Infringe or breach the conventions and/or accepted use policies relevant to forums or chats, which the User participates in.

11. Deliver and/or distribute unwanted e-mail notices to Users and/or notices the delivery of which raises complaints with the recipients thereof (spamming), or which are made against the accepted code of behavior in the Internet. 12. Send direct mail to BI clients and/or Internet users, against the provisions of the Privacy Prote

ction Act 1981.

13. Use of encoding systems without approval of official authorities, against the provisions of the Products and Services Order (Encoding Measures Vocation) 1974.

14. Infringement of intellectual property rights of entities or other Internet users, including violation of copyrights, copying and/or unauthorized use in trademarks etc.

15. Performance of any action against the provisions of the Computer Act 1995.

Without derogating from the generality of the above or of the foregoing, it is hereby clarified that in the event a User uses BI Services for the performance of an act prohibited under this document and/or the Agreement, BI shall be entitled, but not obligated, to remove any content, message or design resulting from said prohibited act (hereinafter: “the Hazard”) and/or block access to the Hazard without a prior notice. In addition, BI shall be entitled to disconnect or limit a User’s services without a prior notice, in the event BI believes that such User uses BI Services in a manner which disrupts BI Services provided to other clients; and/or constitutes a civil wrong or criminal act; and/or raises a reasonable doubt that the User is acting in a manner which contradicts any of its obligations specified herein, including the provisions of any other documents and instructions mentioned herein.

The User shall bear all responsibility and will indemnify BI immediately following BI’s demand, for every damage and/or loss and/or expense (including legal expenses) which were caused to BI and any third party, as consequence of use made by the User and/or through the User and/or through the User’s passwords in BI Services, including for damages and/or losses and/or expenses caused due to a breach of any of the provisions of the Agreement, and/or as a result of an act against the obligations mentioned above and any other instructions provided to BI clients from time to time. The User declares its understanding and agreement that information which is available to Internet users and/or delivered or distributed through the Internet is not in BI control, and BI shall not be responsible to any content, form, accuracy and credibility of said information and the content of notices, of any kind, delivered through BI and/or by BI clients and/or by BI Users. The User is aware that the Internet contains sites which are for adult view only (over 18 years old) and/or contain harassing, obscene and/or derogating content, and that the User alone is responsible for use and supervision of access to such sites, and/or review of their content.



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